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    Exclamation Question for Symbian experts

    I want to develop applications for Symbian v9 , which will use IP Hook. For example I alredy joined to Symbian Partner Program and got BAK.
    When I will complete creating of my application and complete the procedure of signing by symbian, will my application work on symbian 9 based devices?
    Or I need to have a close arrangement with the Symbian OS v9 manufactuer,
    or etc...? Possible I need to perform some other actions to sign and deploy such low level app?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Question for Symbian experts

    Are you writing a device driver?

    The signing process will require you to state which capabilities your code requires to operate. If you need access to the manufacturer protected system capabilities (eg CommDD) you will need to liase with the phone manufacturer to acquire these. More information here:


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    Re: Question for Symbian experts

    Thanks for information, not driver but some kind of firewall. All I need is filtering connections by port, ip address and dns name allowing or denying incoming and outgoing connections. Do I need manufacturers support for Symbian9 in this case or no?

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    Re: Question for Symbian experts

    Capabilities requiring manufacturer approval are:
    - AllFiles
    - CommDD
    - DiskAdmin
    - NetworkControl
    - MultimediaDD
    - DRM
    - TCB

    Details on how to apply here:

    I'm not sure, but I suspect NetworkControl and CommDD might be required for the kind of thing you're attempting.

    Ask Symbian Signed: symbiansigned@symbian.com

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