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    Transparent text editor/viewer

    We are developing a messaging client and we would like to create screens for viewing and composing messages that appear "transparent" like the rest of the screens we have created. When trying to use an EDWIN or RICH TEXT EDITOR it has a white backround with black text rather than the transparent background that the rest of the application sees.

    The native Messaging application accomplishes this somehow with the screens to view and compose messages. How can I do this?

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    Re: Transparent text editor/viewer

    You need to make your control skin aware

    See http://newlc.com/Enable-Skin-support-in-your.html for more information

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    Re: Transparent text editor/viewer

    You can also try to provide your own MFormCustomDraw derived class for the TextLayout of the edwin. There you can specify the DrawBackground() method and bitblt a bitmap.


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