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    N73 web browser problems


    I started browsing the net on my N73 through the Web Browser; found in applications. It worked for a while and I was really impressed with how it looked and worked.

    However, everytime I try to open the Web now, it tells me, "Web: already in use!" and it wont open up! It wont even let me install the anti-virus software on my phone because it tells me, "Web: already in use!".

    I've tried restarting my phone, taking out the battery, making sure I have no applications open and running, this is really starting to get on my nerves and im getting really frustrated!!

    The Wap browser works but I dont want to use the WAP browser, I want to use the Web browser to see pages in all their glory.

    Please, if anybody has any idea what is going on or how I can potentially fix this problem, I would be very, very, grateful.

    All comments welcome
    Thank you,

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    Re: N73 web browser problems

    Reformatting or reflashing the device will clear it up (if it is caused by some kind of a browser defect, then reflashing with a newer firmware version hopefully includes a fix for it, too). Haven't seen such behaviour on my N73, though.


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    Re: N73 web browser problems

    Hey Petrib,

    cheers for gettin back to me on this.
    I've already tried a firmware update but there wasn't any newer versions out at the moment. I'm going to try to get in touch with nokia again and see if they can help.


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    Re: N73 web browser problems

    you have bug on browser like me on n80, this problem is now reported to nokia and s60 browser team is working on solution, for now you must wait 4 new firmware update, or you can use opera. after hours and days surfing on web to find solution, nothing for now. before few days i menage to install task spy program to see can i kill some process on n80 but nothing for now, if i know what process i must kill, maybe this will be solution 4 advanced users because for now is very complicated to inastall spy task app for 3edition.
    if you don't want wait firmware update or some patch you can hardreset your phone. this is the only solution 4 now i don't want to do that so' i still surfing and waiting 4 answers (pesimistic)

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    Smile Re: N73 web browser problems

    I also had the same "already in use" web'n'walk problem with my N73. I followed your advice Petrib and did the full software update and the problem has gone.

    I suppose for anyone else reading this just make sure you use the "backup" facility in the "Nokia PC Suite" to backup your contacts, pictures, etc that are on your phone; they will be erased when you do the full software update. Then use the "restore" facility also in the backup section of the "Nokia PC Suite" facility after your phone has the software update. Many thanks Petrib, much appreciated and hope you got your phone sorted Ben.



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