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    BLDMAKE error on Symbian 8.1b OS

    Hai all,
    I want to run the helloworld application on Symbian 8.1b OS, first I made the application by giving
    Bldmake bldfiles
    In the command promt. i am getting this error.
    BLDMAKE ERROR: Error: When building for ARMV5 platform Compiler RVCT2.1 [Build 416] or later is required.

    already am having RVCT 3.0 compiler, even it is giving this error. My doubt can I use RVCT 3.0 instead of RVCT 2.0 or RVCT 2.1.If so,why it is not recognizing by the OS,any other changes/settings are required.
    If anybody knows about this,Please help me..


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    Re: BLDMAKE error on Symbian 8.1b OS


    Even I am facing the same error. I am also using Symbian 8.1b and using RVCT as the compiler.
    Pls let me know how to solve this issue.....


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