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    Angry Application looks odd on some models


    We have some problems with our application on some Nokia models.
    The application looks fine in the emulator during development. When we install it on the 3250 and N80 it looks good. However when installing it on N73 or 5500 it looks weird.
    I´ll try to explain what it looks like.

    There is a View with a list of menu options. The option that is selected is highlighted in blue. When another option is selected then that one is highlighted and the previous one gets the original white background.
    On 5500 and N73 the previously selected menu remains blue. When you have had every menu option selected then all has the blue background. The only way to reset these is to restart the application.

    Why are the menus not updated with the white background? And why on earth do we only get that behaviour on only some models? And why doesn´t all S60 models have the same behaviour?

    We have Symbian signed our application. Do we have to sign it for every single S60 phone on the market to be sure that it looks OK?


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    Re: Application looks odd on some models

    While all the phone models you list are based on S60 3rd Edition (3.0), the N73 and 5500 are newer (by several months) and may have taken on some fix or introduced a defect of their own (or through an S60/Symbian platform update or change) that causes the behaviour.

    Can you isolate the problem to a simple subset of code (application) that only demonstrates this particular problem/behaviour?

    As many other apps using options menus seem to work on all these phone models, you must be doing something special or different that exposes this behaviour.

    And, by the way, does the behaviour vary based on which UI theme is being used?

    You can also check the firmware versions on the N73 and 5500 and see if updating them makes a difference:

    Symbian Signing - or not - has not impact/bearing on this, I think.

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    Re: Application looks odd on some models

    And a quickfix is invoking BaseContructL with EAknEnableSkin in the AppUi.

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    Re: Application looks odd on some models

    You also have to stay within ClientRect() and never use full screen mode ApplcationRect().

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