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    gnubox support for SIP Plugin

    Hello Nokia team,

    when developing and testing applications that use internet connection it is very useful if a cheap connection can be used instead of air access by GPRS/UMTS and so on.
    To use the internet connection of a PC with access to this PC by the bluetooth interface a software called GnuBox has been written. Unfortunately some applications don't have access to the GnuBox Access Point.

    There is an Opera webbrowser for mobile phones that works fine via this internet connection by a PC.
    What we are doing now is developing SIP applications. And the SIP Plugin from NOKIA does NOT work with this Access Point. There are some hints that after setting up the bluetooth connection to the PC in the GnuBox the Access Point "Bt" vanishes from the list of access points because it has become an internal profile.
    I don't know exactly what that means but I cannot see a reason when Opera can use it why SIP can't.

    It would be a very, very, very big advantage if Nokia could enable this. (There are some other aspects, i.e. it is not possible to reach a test server in our company's intranet from the internet.)

    We are using the Nokia_SIP_Plug-in_4.0_for_Series_60_CW.zip.
    The instructions for setting up the GnuBox on Nokia N70 and a discussion containing the additional hints can be found here:

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    Unhappy Re: gnubox support for SIP Plugin

    there is an additional need for enabling Data call access points in SIP settings of the new Symbian 9.1 phones, as well as enabling IP Passthrough access points there too - currently I somehow cannot make internet phone call through my computer with either USB cable or bluetooth because only WIFI and GPRS access points are visible, why? in addition internal browser allows to use my data call access point only in default access point mode, when I set "always ask" I cannot see it. What is the difference between the list of access points shown in the browser when choosing default access point and the list shown when you set "always ask"? What is the difference between that one and the one shown in SIP access points selection? Cause all that three lists are different - the last doesn't even show the IP Passthrough access points!

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    Re: gnubox support for SIP Plugin

    Have the same problem in E65...

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    Re: gnubox support for SIP Plugin

    Same problem for me on nokia 6120 classic.
    Nokia team, please allow to use Bt access point for SIP calls. :-(

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