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    VoIP Blues..please respond someone..!!

    As you know, E61 has the Voice of IP (VoIP) functionality built in. Providing the right configuration, this phone can make Internet calls. I have successfully configured the SIP settings for my E61, and VoIP works on the device.

    My question is: is there any API at all (public / privileged) that allows me to interact and control the VoIP to make an Internet call? For regular voice calls, I can use CTelephony provided by the SDK to dial a number, put conversation on hold, etc. However, there are no references to Internet Call from the Symbian S60 3rd SDK. I'd like to ask the experts there: Is there any Nokia proprietary API that allows me to dial a SIP address or pickup an incoming Internet call?

    By the way, there is this CTelephony::EstablishDataCall(), what exact is a 'data call'?


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    Re: VoIP Blues..please respond someone..!!

    I would guess there is a private Nokia proprietary API, but you will have to ask Nokia for that via Forum Nokia Pro I suspect.

    CTelephony::EstablishDataCall() is and old, old, old method for doing a dial-up data connection (like a modem). Not something that is of any use in the world of GPRS and W-CDMA.
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    Re: VoIP Blues..please respond someone..!!

    Nokia VoIP client 2.0 (=Nokia VoIP framework) is neither extendable nor accessible from Symbian C++/S60 3rd SDK. However, with proper configuration settings you can use it with IETF VoIP service.

    More information about Nokia VoIP 2.0:

    Sounds like you would like to do an auto-ansver (pre-VCC or “seamless” handover like) VoIP-CS application for S60 3rd edition devices. If that is the case, you would need to create your own VoIP client that would interact with the Symbian telephony application.

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