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Thread: get MSISDN

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    get MSISDN

    1. Is there a way to bypass the usage of Radius Server to get the MSISDN?

    2. If setting up a Radius Server is required, would the following assumption be correct?

    (MMS phone > Wap Gateway > Radius Server > Wap Gateway > Application)

    Step 1: Phone connects to wap gateway
    Step 2: Gateway acts as radius client an sends authentication request to Radius Server
    Step 3: Radius server authenticates user and replies to gateway
    Step 4: Gateway sends MSISDN in header together with m-send-req to application.

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    RE: get MSISDN


    Really the Radius server is not the problem with MSISDNs. The setup can vary from one operator to another; Radius server can either talk to gateway or to network access server/GPRS support node before the gateway to authenticate the user. And it depends on the operator whether to transmit the MSISDN or not.

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    RE: get MSISDN

    Hi, this chain is not exactly correct.

    In case if phone connects via CSD:
    Step 0 - phone connects to Network Access Server (NAS) and gets IP address from NAS (NAS could be for example Cisco Access Server or NT RAS server, etc)
    Only NAS can forward MSISDN further, because phone doesn't send any headers or info with its MSISDN.
    But using of RADIUS server is not requiered, if your NAS supports RADIUS. An example: if your WAP GW is Nokia Activ Server, Nokia Activ ID can be used (it works as RADIUS proxy), and you can, but don't have to use RADIUS server. NAS just sends MSISDN to Nokia Activ ID, it stores pair phone IP address/phone IP into internal DB. More info about Activ ID can be found on forum.nokia.com

    In case when phone is using gprs connection:
    If the GGSN supports RADIUS and can send radius accounting
    packets then again you can use Nokia Activ Server+ Nokia ActivID

    hope it helped a little.

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