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    Need help in producing sis file

    Hi.. i am creating a sis file and the following error messages are displayed?
    What should i do to fix this? I hope someone can help.

    ERROR: Dll 'IPMS[0F24F19B].APP' has initialised data.
    make: *** [C:/Symbian/8.0a/S60_2nd_FP2_CW/epoc32/release/ARMI/UREL/IPMS.app] Error -2
    'Building file: sis/IPMS.pkg'
    'Invoking: MakeSis (Installation File Generator)'
    makesis.exe "sis/IPMS.pkg" C:/Symbian/Carbide/workspace/IPMS/sis/IPMS.sis
    Processing sis/IPMS.pkg...
    sis/IPMS.pkg(28) : error: file not found
    make: *** [C:/Symbian/Carbide/workspace/IPMS/sis/IPMS.sis] Error 1
    make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.
    Build complete for project IPMS


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    Re: Need help in producing sis file


    symbian EKA1 doesn't support writable static data(WSD) so check the global varibles of ur application u have some global data intialised.. and EKA2 onwards WSD is supported..

    Mateen Maldar
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    Re: Need help in producing sis file

    hello... i checked the global variables and i think it is ok. But a .sis file was still not created.

    I went to project properties, ARMI debug, then to petran general options and allowed DLL data by checking the checkbox. After that i was able to create a sis file. But when i tried to run it in the phone, application does not load. I also tried to run the emulator in ARMI mode and it displays an error dialog.

    I decided to check the mmp file. It does not contain all the source files in my project. I did "Update mmp file" and nothing was changed.

    What is the problem? can you help? thanks in advance..

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    Re: Need help in producing sis file

    ARMI debug might not be the best choice, and eliminating writable static data might be better than enabling.

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