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    Sound Problems In Nokia 40 series ??

    Hi All....
    We have just started developing Java Games for the 240x320 series.
    Some of the phones (Nokia 6265/6270), which have a 40 extended interface, do not allow more than 1 .wav sound to be played(in the application).
    Is this a limitation of the phone? or is there any specific way in which we have to code for these phones?
    Please help.

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    Re: Sound Problems In Nokia 40 series ??

    Are you talking about simultaneous sounds? It is possible to play more than one sound in an Series 40 app, only not at the same time.


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    Re: Sound Problems In Nokia 40 series ??

    No..Im not trying to play more than 1 sound simultaneously.
    Im trying to play 3 diff sounds at 3 diff actions.
    Only the first sound is played.

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    Re: Sound Problems In Nokia 40 series ??

    hi vishal,

    is that something similiar to issue described e.g. in that thread?


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