hello to all..

I am new to wml ..we are developing wml application..In the first page..username and password fields are there..we need to send this data to the serverside programme..
The main problem here is submit option is giving any link...nor acting as a submit type...option..in the mobile(Nokia 6600 & Nokia 6680)...where this option has been shown in wap-proof browse ...please help me out..

Please look after code and suggest me the changes...

<card id="Login" title="Mobile Blog">

Welcome to Mobile Blogging.
<p> <b>User Login<b><br/>

Mobile No:<input type="text" name="mobileNo" maxlength="12" value="" emptyok="false" format="*N"/><br/>

Password: <input type="password" name="passwd" maxlength="10" value=""/><br/>

<go method="get" href="wapuserlogin.do">
<postfield name="msisdn1" value="$(mobileNo)"/>
<postfield name="password" value="$(passwd)"/>
Submit (this submit option is not hilighting ..displaying a as a normal word)

<do type="reset" label="Reset">
<setvar name="mobileNo" value=""/>
<setvar name="passwd" value=""/>


Thanks & Regards,