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    RE: Linker error message

    well, i faced the same problem, and with some search i found this function helps in casting a double value into a TUint.
    I solved it with casting first into TInt and then to a TUint, try using:
    TInt nTime = (TUint)(TInt)dTime
    instead of:
    TInt nTime = (TUint)dTime

    this worked with me.

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    Linker error message

    Hello everybody,
    I'm building a graphic example based on a library built from c++ source code, linked with a consolle example program.
    The build process works on the emulator configuration, but on the target configuration for the nokia phone (THUMB), it generates a very strange error message

    ...\Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\RELEASE\THUMB\UREL\IMAGE.LIB(GRAYC.o)(.text+0x29ec):grayc.cpp: undefined reference to `__fixunsdfsi'
    ...\Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\RELEASE\THUMB\UREL\IMAGE.LIB(GRAYC.o)(.text+0x29ec):grayc.cpp: relocation truncated to fit: ARM_THUMB23 __fixunsdfsi

    the unreferenced symbol __fixunsdfsi isn't a function name used in the code, doesn't exist in the epoc library or in the series60 library. Does anyone know how is possible to generate an error of this kind?


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    RE: Linker error message

    In my opnion, there is probably an error when retyping a var. However, I am not sure if it causes the relocation - the undefined var or both. The best way to find it is to comment your code until the error disappears and when the line is localized, try to fix it.


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    fixunsdfsi - Linker Error Message


    I am calling std library functions 'atof()' and 'ceil()', linking with estlib.lib, but when i am compiling for thumb it is giving me following linking error,

    ..\..\..\..\..\BROWSER\DISPLAYENGINE\CSSHANDLER\De_style_handler.c:485: relocation truncated to fit: ARM_THUMB23 __fixunsdfsi

    I am not finding this function defination, might be estlib.lib is using it inside.

    I am using series60 platform. SDK 2.1

    Can anyone please tell me how can i solve this problem.


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