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    How to use CEZCompressor (how to flush output data to output buffer) ?


    I am trying to use the CEZCompressor-class defines in EZCompressor.h to compress a descriptor. I do something like this:

    // "this" is implementing MEZBufferManager,
    // but the implementation I have left the methods "empty"
    // InitializeL() of MEZBufferManager gets called by the above call

    iCompressed=HBufC8::NewL(20000); // allocating space for output
    TPtr8 ptrCompressed=iCompressed->Des();
    iCompressor->SetInput(*data); // data is HBufC8 with input data
    // the input data in my tests is NOT longer than the output buffer

    TBool def=iCompressor->DeflateL();
    // NeedsInputL() of MEZBufferManager gets called in the above call
    // Return value (def) is ETrue and by inspection the all
    // avail input has been consumed, but there is only 2 bytes in
    // total output (this might be the 2 bytes zlib header, I guess...)

    // iCompressor->OutputDescriptor().Length() is also just 2

    What am I doing wrong? Or what do I have to do, to get the full output flushed to the output buffer? I have tried additional calls to DeflateL() without any further result. Also, what does the return-value of DeflateL() mean?

    Hope someone can give me some hints ;o)

    Best regards,

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    which are the libraries to be linked for ezcompressor to work properly?is there any documentation related to ezcompressor .h or any links available

    thanks in advance

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    Re: How to use CEZCompressor (how to flush output data to output buffer) ?

    You use::


    D:\SYMBIAN\7.0S\NOKIA_7710_SDK\SERIES90EX\DIALOG\SRC\Dialogappui.cpp(231) :

    error C2665: 'NewLC' : none of the 2 overloads can convert parameter 1 from type 'class CDialogAppUi'

    Dialogappui.obj - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    error is in this

    void CDialogAppUi:isplayEditorDialogL()

    CEZCompressor* iCompressor=CEZCompressor::NewLC(*this);


    Thanks in advance..
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    Re: How to use CEZCompressor (how to flush output data to output buffer) ?

    Does the class CDialogAppUi inherit from MEZBufferManager?

    If it doesn't, the compiler won't be able to cast *this to the MEZBufferManager& required by CEZCompressor::NewLC.

    You need to implement these four methods:

    virtual void InitializeL(CEZZStream &aZStream);
    virtual void NeedInputL(CEZZStream &aZStream);
    virtual void NeedOutputL(CEZZStream &aZStream);
    virtual void FinalizeL(CEZZStream &aZStream);

    Alternatively, instantiate one of the supplied implementations of MEZBufferManager such as CEZFileToGzipBM.


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    Re: How to use CEZCompressor (how to flush output data to output buffer) ?

    How exactly do the BufferManagers work? What are the four API's supposed to do, and when are you supposed to call them?

    I don't understand how the parameters are supposed to be generated as CEZZStream doesn't seem to have any kind of constructor.

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