Hello all,
A while ago (more than a year) we developed a little WAP application with two kinds of navigation. The first was based on standard WML 1.1, the second, more appealing to the user, was based on Openwave's GUI extensions, offering buttons, dropdowns and so on.
Everything always worked just great until yesterday we tested it with a Philips device that is running the openwave browser V5.0.3 with GUI extensions and the Nokia wap gateway version 3.0.
My software recognises the GUI device and sends pages with the "proper" content.
When browsing with the Nokia gateway, the device is not able to fill forms anymore.
I have a couple of forms to login and pick an album and so on. If I enable GUI support all forms get submitted without the variables set by the remote user.

I tested this on Orange gateway in France and Wind in Italy. They are both running the Nokia gateway. With TIM in Italy, which is running Openwave's GW works fine.

I wanted to know if this is a known issue, if it's a wanted behaviour and how should I manage it (simply not support GUI?).

I'll also paste you a couple of line from my pages.

GUI page:
<input type="text" name="u" maxlength="50" value="demo"/><br/><do type="button" label="Enter"><go href="http://site.bware.it/page.php?u=$(u)&a=v"/></do>

standard WML 1.1 page:
<input type="text" name="u" maxlength="50" value="demo"/><br/><a

As you can see, the link is JUST the same, the only difference is the button.

Any ideas?