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    Memory Full Problem

    Hi All,

    Here I am facing a problem related to the memory.

    Actually in 3rd edition phones the heap, I am getting is a problem because application is running on 2nd edition phone but same application is showing memory full problem on 3rd edition although I have checked all memory leaks but still the problem is there.
    I am using Carbide.C++ for the development of the application.
    and there is also a section of heap size for application.
    Is it required to fill that? if yes then what should be the suitable value for the application.



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    Re: Memory Full Problem

    You can try to increase the max heap size of your application to see the problem is still there or not.

    The Max heap size setting in 2nd edition is not working, but in 3rd edition, very strict.

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    Re: Memory Full Problem

    But problem is not solved yet.

    how much should be there max heap size, because heap size chenges phone to phone I must have the heap which can be applied to all.

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