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    Smart Messaging and Service Centre Address

    We have developped and aplicattion for sending SM that works fine. Any wat from two days ago some of messages we send are "lost in the space". We have debugg the concatenated message we receive in the phone and we have found that the Service Centre Address is different for SMS in the same orignal concatenated sequence. We guess that the Nokia (6210) phones use this field to indentify the concatenated sequece. So if this field chages the original "right" concatenated message becomes two wrong messages. Is that right?

    The service centre address dependens on the network operator configuration so it is beyond our control. There is any workaround to solve this problem?

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    RE: Smart Messaging and Service Centre Address


    Are you using some direct connetion to SMSC or are you sending those messages over GSM handset?

    In case of GSM handset, you can set the SMSC number to avery message sent out. I don't know if this helps, operator might have build a system that balances the traffic to different SMSC's but it's worth of trying.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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