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    Skin enabling problem in CEikEdwin

    I basically want to enable skin on the editor to make it little pretty but facing problem in doing that let me explain my problem below:
    i have defined a resource in myApp.rss as fallows

    RESOURCE EDWIN r_aknexeditor_view1_edwin
    flags = EAknEditorFlagDefault | EEikEdwinNoHorizScrolling ;
    width = 7;
    lines= 2;
    maxlength = 10;

    and in myAppContainer.cpp

    TResourceReader reader;
    iCoeEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC( reader, R_AKNEXEDITOR_VIEW1_EDWIN );
    iNumberTxt = new ( ELeave ) CEikEdwin;
    iNumberTxt->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
    iNumberTxt->ConstructFromResourceL( reader );
    now if i use the following line of code
    iNumberTxt ->SkinBackgroundControlContext ();
    iNumberTxt ->SkinEnabled ();
    than i have no error at compile time but when i build it for release (.sis file)
    than following error appears

    "undefined reference to `CEikEdwin::SkinEnabled(void) const"

    can any body help me in this regard.

    and if i am going in the wrong direction than plz guide me what should i do to enable skin on that iNumberTxt.
    Muhammad Shahzad Amin

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    Re: Skin enabling problem in CEikEdwin

    What version of S60 are you building this application for?
    And from your code it seems that you expect SkinEnabled to turn ON the skinning on the edwin.But the documentation says:
    TBool CEikEdwin::SkinEnabled  (    )  const 
       Access to disposition of the editor to perform Skinning. 
    This does not take into account whether the application is skin enabled or whether the environment is providing a background control context. It is only a function of whether editor's (default) disposition to skin has been countered by calls on the editor API.
    EFalse iff SetSkinBackgroundControlContextL has been called with NULL in its most recent call
    Hope this helps.

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