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    Smile N70 Getting heated

    Hi all, I am using an N70 from November 2006 onwards my firm ware is the latest available in Nokia web site ie. the one published on September 2006. Recently I noticed that when ever I use internet radio and buffering is going on or the station is idle for a few minutes the phone gets heated. Does it mean any problem with my phone . I am using the application mundu radio from the site www.radio.mundu.com

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    Re: N70 Getting heated

    Accessing the Internet over a cellular connection (well, WLAN as well, for that matter) consumes a fair amount of energy, which then translates into heat. Furthermore, streaming data causes more or less continuous traffic while, for instance, web browsing happens in bursts and thus causes less stress. So, it's unlikely that there would be any problem with your phone.

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