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    DBMS problem?How to get a col which type is EDbColLongText16?

    How to get a col which type is EDbColLongText16?Below is my code.When it run,a runtime exception is appeared.

    TPtrC content=view.ColDes16(1);

    If anyone knows something about it,please tell me.Thanks.

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    . I have the same question. any guru can give some suggestion ?
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    use RDbColReadStream

    I never tryed tio do it myself, but maybe it will help you:

    » Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++ » API Reference » DBMS Rowsets » RDbRowSet

    Accessing column values
    Small integral columns can be extracted as a wider integral type (up to 32-bits) provided that the following rule is used:

    In order to extract column data for a row, either

    the row must first have been retrieved using GetL(), or

    the rowset object is updating or inserting the row
    Long columns can only be read using the RDbColReadStream object, and the above conditions also apply.
    signed columns must be extracted using a signed column accessor

    unsigned columns must be extracted using an unsigned column accessor

    Bit columns are considered to be single bit unsigned integers.

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