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    Question New to Java SIM Access through APDU commands

    Hello all,
    can anybody help me out about sending APDU commands to read/write sim card through Java and which packages are used to import and the APIs are used this help is realy appriciable.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: New to Java SIM Access through APDU commands

    May be this documents are of some interest to you.

    RMI Client Application Programming Interface

    MIDP: SATSA Crypto API Developer's Guide (with Example) v2.0


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    Re: New to Java SIM Access through APDU commands


    I´m quite confused with the use of this API, even after reading the documents...

    Do I need a USIM or ISIM or any especial kind of SIM card to use it?

    Can I use this API to store a key or a certificate for example???


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    Re: New to Java SIM Access through APDU commands

    The SATSA API is quite confusing and extremely restircted...

    First of all, you need to have a specifilly prepared SIM card for using the APDU package (you need to have the proper listings in the ACL). basically this means that you need to partner with the operator (or be the operator :-)
    Then your application needs to be signed.

    Also not all phones support all of the packages of the API. See here for available Nokia support:

    Certificate handling is in the PKI part which is only available on the new S60 devices.


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