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    Post Re: Questions or Opinions for the Symbian Tools Team

    Hi, I couldn't find the appropriate forum so if this is in the wrong place then please feel free to move it, but as long as the ideas get noted, better still implemented would be even better.

    Anyways just a few ideas hopefully to be considered during development of future Nokia handsets.

    1: Since in the UK, Ofcom is legalising the use of FM transmitters that allow iPods and other MP3 players to play through car radios, so perhaps such a transmitter could be included within the phone like an N95, would be pretty cool and to take it further have the ability to set the FM broadcast range between 0 to 5 meters.

    2: Virtual Laser Keyboard, sure currently the technology is a bit chunky to add to a phone but the idea behind this is that on most handsets that we see today the keys are pretty small which kind of alienates the older generation, but I've quite a few friends that are hooked on their Blackberry for the keyboard but are quite envious at all the available third party software that you can get on an S60 phone. Anyway would be quite neat if you could change the keyboard between a QWERTY keyboard and a numeric keypad, thus giving more room for a large screen, sure you'll still need the Answer and End call keys and the nibble for one handed use.

    3: Touch screen numeric keypad switching to Answer or End call buttons. This is generally geared towards the older generation that have difficulty in seeing which key to press. Nemours times I seen older people on the street needed to find their spectacles before answer the phone, sure there's 'any key answer' but how many of the elderly know where to find the option. The latest phones on the market are great for the young and business users, but there's nothing for the elderly, hence there's a whole growing market that need something different to what being offered today.

    Sure there's plenty of elaboration of my ideas but you guys have the resources to put some research together or get people out in the field to ask what the elder generation need from a mobile phone, bigger display to read who’s calling, bigger Answer and End call keys to press.

    Thank in advance

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    Twiddler keyboard {was Re: ideas for future Nokia handsets}

    How difficult would it be to adapt the moribund, oversized, clunky - but very powerful - "Twiddler" keyboard concept to a mobile phone? It needs to be "right-sized" and made wireless.

    The Twiddler has gone nowhere for two or three years now. It is a very powerful concept however. I have heard a user from Georgia Tech claim he can out-type his secretary with one hand behind his back.


    Nokia - BUY THE COMPANY - put them out of their misery!

    phill r.

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    Re: ideas for future Nokia handsets

    One thing that I have had many requests for but have never seen any solution, is the ability to play music i.e. MP3 handsets to the bluetooth headset. Many people have said that having nokia handsfree bluetooth headsets is great, but they would have liked to hear their favoirite music through their headsets whilst on the move.

    The reasoning behind this is that to have the phone on speakers the music gets drowned out by the noise of the car and road. Perhaps this is another added bonus for the future that can be achived.

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