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    Red face Send/receive SMS via port on CDMA Nokia phone

    I am having problems sending / receiving SMS from/to a J2ME midlet that is running on a CDMA Nokia phone (model# 6265i).

    Note: I don't run into this problem on GSM Motorola phones.

    I am trying to narrow down whether the problem is on Nokia's end or on my wireless carrier’s (Telus Mobility in Canada) end.

    If anyone has a J2ME enabled Nokia phone that supports JSR120 (SMS) API, can you please download the application I have created at the following location, and send me a text message using the midlet to 416-895-9512.


    I am trying to narrow down the problem, but I only have one nokia phone. So any help is greatly appreciated.

    Note: the above application is a simple application that allows you to send /receive text messages from/to a midlet.

    Your help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Send/receive SMS via port on CDMA Nokia phone


    are you able to receive sms (e.g. send from moto device) or your sms do not reach end device?


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    Re: Send/receive SMS via port on CDMA Nokia phone

    Hi Peter:

    Thanks for the response.

    If I send an SMS msg from GSM Motorola phone to CDMA Nokia, the message is not received at all.

    If I send an SMS msg from CDMA Nokia to GSM Motorola, the Motorola phone receives it on the regular text messaging inbox, instead of being delivered to the J2ME application. Note the msg also has the following text prepended to the text body: "//wma:16233", where "16233" is the port number my app is using.

    Note that as mentioned, sending SMS msgs between two Motorola GSM devices works as expected.


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