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    Audio encode support G.729?

    I want to encode a audio file from PCM code to G.729. Does S60 support that? Is there some API I

    can use?

    I found out it is possible to encode PCM to AMR. There is a ID related to AMR in some .h file in

    EPOC, but there is nothing about G.729. Could anyone give me some tips. Or I must write encode

    PCM to G.729 myself?


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    Re: Audio encode support G.729?

    G.729, G.711, and iLBC codecs are Nokia internal HW codecs and it is not available to public. By the way, it is not possible to use this HW codec to convert from/to PCM data from applications.

    One of the resons these are not public is because not all phones support the codecs, so it is not possible to make them available for general use.

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    Re: Audio encode support G.729?

    See this known issue and resolution to access G.729:


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