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    Activ ID with Windows 2000 RAS and IAS

    Does anyone have experience with Activ ID? I'm running everything on one Server and RAS doesn't detect the Radius Proxy. Are there any obscure ports I should be trying? Also whenever I start Activ ID from the shortcut it shows "bind: Address already in use", should it be starting from there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Activ ID with Windows 2000 RAS and IAS


    Nokia Activ ID is tested and validated against Cisco AS5200 and Cisco AS5300 network access servers. Other Network Access Servers may work too, though they are not officialy supported.

    Use of RADIUS proxy functionality introduced by Nokia Activ ID installation requires the following configurations in the Network Access Server (NAS)

    NAS RADIUS Accounting reconfigured:
    7 Radius Proxy TCP/IP address and port must be set (NAS must be configured to use RADIUS proxy as RADIUS server)
    7 Radius secret key must be set
    7 Radius accounting-Start and Accounting-Stop RADIUS messages enabled
    The following RADIUS attributes must be defined in the message:
    7 Framed-IP-Address
    7 Calling-Station-Id
    7 NAS-IP-Address

    Basically your NAS has to support RADIUS accounting (so it can send RADIUS packets to IAS, or ActivID, or other RADIUS servers/proxies). if you are using generic modem installed on W2K machine, it's not gonna work. If you have possibility to use NAS which supports RADIUS, you can refer to ms kb for RAS&IAS config how to:

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