I'm starting a network client - int the past up to OS 9.1 signing was not possible or optional. I'm not sure if any of my app functionality can cause problems during signing... Does anybody experience if following functionalities could cause any problem during application signing?

* Auto update: Application trigger an auto-update functionality every time it starts. The whole purpose of this feature is to check if new versions of are available (via HTTP GET method)

* Automatic Startup: Automatic start-up after phone boots up (This functionality can be disabled in application setting, but default behavior is automatic startup)

* Automatic data download: During application startup mode is background running EXE (non UI) daemon(server) downloading "silently" some data without user notification.

* PDP context: In the ideal case possibility of data transfer is still enabled. PDP context state is monitored and when it's from some reason disabled/crash application displays global dialog and asks if it can be established again.

* Idle screen: Application/user status is shown on idle screen. There is small icon under network signal strength - on the line with sms, calls, bluetooth, cable.... icon.

* It's commercial application and described functionality is requested by our customer, who fully agree with such behavior.

* Documentation with description of all functionality will be provided.

Thanks a lot.

Bye STeN