I am trying to change the files generated by Carbide to the Avkon view-switching architecture. I have changed the inheritance of the AppUi and View classes and added a container class which inherits from CCoeControl. I have moved most of the functionality of the old view class to the container class, but I am not sure of what to do with the following function in the AppUi class:

void CHelloCarbideAppUi::HandleStatusPaneSizeChange()
iAppView->SetRect( ClientRect() );


the the view class no longer has the SetRect() function has that functionality has been moved to the container class. Do I need this function? or is there an equivalent in the container class to handle the event of a size change?

On a related note, is there an example in the S60 SDK that implements an Avkon architecture? I have been following the example in the 'Developing Series 60 Applications' book but it is not a complete example, which would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance