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    Talking Raccoon 0.8.0 released

    Raccon 0.8.0 is now available for download at SourceForge:


    • Access point to be used can now be specified in the settings.
    • Installation file now a SIS containing numerous files, instead of one compound SIS containing several independent SIS file. Less questions upon installation.
    • Dynamically loadable native Apache modules supported when building using the RVCT compiler (i.e. platform armv5).
    • Built against Python 1.3.15.

    The S60v3 binary has been built using the RVCT compiler, so all modules - Apache and Symbian - are loaded dynamically and can be left out simply by removing the appropriate entries from httpd.conf.

    If there is a favourite Apache module you'd like to have, now is the time to speak up. Since modules need not be built into the Raccoon binary, they can now be provided separately.
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