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    Playback controls on eLearning material


    I just tried the "05301: S60 Background" eLearning module. I like the concept of having freely downloadable audio/video learning material on the Internet. Thank you!

    One observation: there seems to be no way to pause the audio and skip over to a relevant part of the material if, for example, the playback gets interrupted for some reason. (I'm using Firefox on Windows XP.) These basic playback controls would be very helpful.

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    Re: Playback controls on eLearning material

    Today I also faced little trouble while watching the Carbide On-Device Debugging Screencast after downloading it. I found a work around for this Change the resolution of your PC screen to 1152x864 or higher. I hope Nokia will take these issues as a serious one. But I agree that those videos are valuable.

    PS: I noticed daily the complaints against Nokia/Symbian are increasing... When can we see an end for this?

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