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    Certificate not valid/expired??


    This is my first post, and after a lot o reading and no findings, I decided to show my problem and ask for some help.
    I am the happy owner of a N80, updated to latest firmware. I downloaded the Carbide.UI 3.1, and has been registered.
    I followed the instructions in the Carbide_uiS60GettingStarted.exe presentation, so everything seems fine in my first theme. I just changed the background of the base template, generated the keys, saved as .sis, and then I tried to transfer to the phone.
    The transfer went ok, so the phone shows the install appl message. But, when installing, it aborts telling me the certificate is not valid yet, too old or something else. Yes, something else, because the full message does not fit in the screen.
    Do anyone have seen this error? Any ideas about how to solve it?
    I installed some other applications without signing without problems. I tried the three settings possible in appl manager for certificates with the same result.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS: Cheers from Brazil!

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    Re: Certificate not valid/expired??

    Hi Wally,

    All sis files must be signed on the N80. As you mention generating keys I'm guessing your sis file is actually self-signed by the tool (I haven't used it). The first thing to check would be to make sure the date and time is aligned correctly for your PC and your phone. If the date/time on your phone is in the past then you will be auto-generating certificates that are not valid until the phone date catches up with the PC date. Also I think the auto-generated certificates are only valid for 1 year so if the PC date is that far out then they also won't work.

    Hope that helps,


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    Re: Certificate not valid/expired??

    Thanks Sorcery, in fact there is a time shifting between the real time of day and the one the operator sends to the phone.
    Now it works perfect, thanks a lot!


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    Re: Certificate not valid/expired??

    Thanks Sorcery, Helped me too.

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    Problem ??

    how to edit a existing themes for nokia
    edit a sis theme please send to me a answer

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    Re: Certificate not valid/expired??

    Check the latest release notes in Carbide.ui 3.1.1.


    - Generated self-signed certificate is valid one year. Sis packages signed with
    generated self-signed certificates can not be installed after one year.


    Download setup.exe from http://www.cygwin.com.
    Installation: run setup.exe and when installing, don't forget to
    include "openssl". Use the default settings for all other elements.
    Run "Cygwin Bash Shell" which will bring up a DOS window, then run
    the following three commands:

    1) openssl genrsa -des3 -out test.key 1024
    This generates the private key (test.key), here you need to give the passphrase.

    2) openssl req -new -key test.key -out test.csr
    This is an intermediate step, the certificate signing request is created.
    You need to enter some information about the certificate.

    3) openssl x509 -req -days 10950 -in test.csr -signkey test.key -out test.cer
    This generate the self-signed certificate (test.cer).

    Now you can use the test.key and test.cer in our tool and it's valid for 30 years.

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