I have been building sis files for some time now using Carbide but this time I've stumbled upon something I can't figure out.

I created a fresh project using Carbide and ported my application to it. It runs fine on the emulator so I'm confident that it works.

I went on to create my sis and that worked too. But when I try to install it I get "Unable to install". I stripped the *.pkg so that it doesn't include any binaries at all but I get the same error message. So my guess is that something is wrong with the UID or SID.

I have looked through all my code and since this was a new project the risk of old UIDs lurking is slim. I even changed the UID to start with 0xE when I created the project.

Is there any log written on the target (N73) that is a bit more verbose than the "Unable to install" message?

What should I try next? Creating the project from scratch?

The only thing I did differently this time is that I copied some lines from previous .cdtbuild files like:

<listOptionValue builtIn="false" value="fbscli.lib"/>

I did this because I was sick of writing them over and over and because Carbide doesn't let you copy more than one setting at the time.

Could this be the issue? Nowhere in the copied code could I find any specific tags that could be project related.

Many questions but no answers.

/ Martin Malek

many thanks