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    Exclamation Java 6 vs Tool and SDK (un)installation

    Heads up:

    After I installed Sun's new Java 6 release (JDK1.6), I found that I could not install or uninstall several of Nokia's tools and SDKs.

    With the Java 6 JDK installed and in the Path (on Windows XP) some of Nokia's tools wouldn't install. The tools that would install wouldn't uninstall...

    The uninstall error was:

    at com.zerog.ia.platform.Sys.getSpecialFolderJNI(Native Method)
    at com.zerog.ia.platform.Sys.getSpecialFolder(DashoA8113)

    Problematic tools and SDKs included:

    Carbide.J 1.5
    Nokia Connectivity Framework
    Nokia Update Manager
    NMIT 4.1
    S40 SDK 3rd Edition
    S40 SDK 3rd Edition FP1

    A related problem and possible fix is described here:


    But editing Uninstall.lax file had no effect for me.

    I was able to uninstall by installing a Java 5 JRE and moving it ahead of Java 6 in the Path environment variable:


    Though in some cases this wasn't enough and I also had to edit Uninstall.lax

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    Re: Java 6 vs Tool and SDK (un)installation


    Yes I have the same issue during uninstalling, the following fix works for me.

    1) Open the LAX file of the component that is giving you the error. I noticed that different Nokia components give a different name to their LAX files, your best bet is to just search your disk for *.LAX files.

    2) Locate the following line:
    lax.nl.valid.vm.list = <some acronyms here>
    For example, mine says:
    lax.nl.valid.vm.list=J2 J1 MSJ MRJ

    Change it to
    lax.nl.valid.vm.list=JRE J2 J1 MSJ MRJ

    Basically, you have to add JRE to the beginning of that space-delimited list.

    Hope that helps. GL

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    Re: Java 6 vs Tool and SDK (un)installation

    Moved to Java Tools and SDKs forum

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    Re: Java 6 vs Tool and SDK (un)installation

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    Re: Java 6 vs Tool and SDK (un)installation

    In case anybody is still having problems with this I finally managed to get mine uninstalled by changing the .lax file. I had to change the line that said current JRE to use (which was set to be JDK1.6.0_04) to be the JRE1.5. As soon as I did that the uninstaller worked fine, so I guess you need to install 1.5JRE too.

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    Re: Java 6 vs Tool and SDK (un)installation

    JDK 1.4 also works

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