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    Arrow Multi language resource support

    Hello developers,
    I have read somewhere that carbide.c++ cannot compile rss files to multi language rEN, rGE, ... files. But I still do not beleive it, because everybody use it. So I am asking here ...
    If there is a way please tell me - I am with 3rd edition MR SDK, thanks!

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    Re: Multi language resource support

    Check C:\Program Files\Carbide\plugins\com.nokia.carbide.cpp.support_1.0.0\Release_Notes\Carbide.c++_Express_Release_Notes.htm and search for language. You can change languages, but you cannot compile for multiple languages at the same time from the IDE.
    Note that you can build for the target device from command line, and it will create the multiple language files for you.

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    Re: Multi language resource support

    Thanks Wizard!
    I already choosed carbide to override my mmp and the languages are lost - so I need to take extra care when updating the mmp
    I am using Carbide Developer, and in the release notes it really says that I cannot compile multiple languages, that is so strange!
    Instead of UI designer I preffer they have fixed all the little problems with carbide

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