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Thread: AIF+svn problem

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    AIF+svn problem

    I noticed a problem when sharing projects over SVN and Carbide.c++ express using different workspaces.

    The problem is that the path to the "..aif.rss" file is hardcoded in the .aifdef file (this will use the path to the workspace used when creating the project), when using different workspaces the build will naturally fail since it can't find the file.

    The problem also exists if:
    1. Creating a projcet in workspace1
    2. Switching workspace to workspace2
    3. Importing project into workspace2

    The .aifdef file will point to the "...aif.rss" in workspace1.

    The .aifdef editor hides the problem a bit, since eventhough you use the "Browse" functionality to locate the .rss file the workspace path isn't updated.

    To build the project again, just open the .aifdef file in a txt editor and correct the workspace path.
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