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    Nokia 30 Configurator can't find Nokia 30 ( Question 3 )

    Dear Sir

    A. Detail of Terminal from package

    Nokia 30GSM Connectivity Terminal
    Complete Package
    Item : 0046508
    IMEI : 350775100046005

    Model: Nokia 30
    Type: TME-3

    RS232 Adapter : DAU-12 ( 0630542 ) ( 0000004454 )
    RS232 Cable : AXS-3 ( 073024906201216311)

    B. Detail of Terminal from Nokia 30 Configurator's HELP>>About

    Version of Nokia 30 Configurator : 1.1

    IMEI : Unknown
    MCU SW Version : Unknown
    HW Version : Unknow

    Connection : Notebook Comm_1>> Rs232 Adapter >> Nokia 30

    What I can see, Could not connect. Please check connection settings
    When I close it, Error Came as Following :

    This Program has perform an illegal operation
    and will be shut down.
    If the problem persists, contact the program

    Kick the Close Butttom, Every things seem normal, Windows still operated.

    This message appearred every time when I close the configurator.

    By Using the hyperterminal, I can get the reply from Nokia 30:
    Nokia 30
    E0 Q0 V1 X5 &C1 &D2 &S1 &Y0
    +CMEE=0 + CSTA=129 +CBST=0,0,1 +CRLP=61,61,48,6 + CR=0 +crc=0 +clip=0,2

    C. Doing with my notebook when the connection is disconnected:

    Connect with office LAN, routine work as reply email, prepare document.

    programming with our ddc ( direct digital controllers )product.
    that's reason we want to make a wireless connection by using Nokia 30.

    D. At the end, I want to point out : Three things

    1. Before i send this message, I clear my notebook with a backup image file,
    which mean the notebook is clean and configuration same as new installation with win98
    and Office 97. But I got the same result.

    2. Using another Desktop without connection with LAN, installation configurator,
    got same result, no connection with configurator, but got repply with hyperterminal.

    3. Two Machines Same Messages from Configurator>> HELP>> ABOUT :
    Nokia 30 Configurator
    Version 1.1
    Copyright 2001,2002 NMP

    Terminal information :
    IMEI : Unknown
    MCU SW Version : Unknown
    HW Version : Unknown

    Is It something wrong of my terminal ( Nokia 30 ) ?!


    10/16/02 11:47PM Not Yet Rated


    Can you tell us:

    What is the sw version of your terminal?
    What is the hw version of your terminal?
    What is the version of your nokia 30 configurator?

    You can see these thing with the configurator

    Can you also tell us what you are doing with your PC,
    when the connection is disconnected?

    Is there any regular reason for it?


    M2M developer support team

    10/15/02 12:12AM

    Dear sir:

    I need Nokia 30 Configurator !! But...

    Nokia 30 Configurator can't find the phone which
    connected with com port 1 of pc,

    I Kick file / preferences of nokia configurator,
    Connection : RS 232 Adapter connected with Comm Port1.
    A few minutes later, same alert : Inform me to check connection ?!

    Closed Configurator, with same hardware connection ,
    But using win 98 Hyperterminal, Com 1 connection and AT command ,
    I can get reply from Nokia 30.

    Any Idea?

    Details of my notebook configuration :
    Dell C610 with Pentium III
    Onbroad with an serial Com Port, Comm 1.
    OS : windows 98



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    RE: Nokia 30 Configurator can't find Nokia 30 ( Question 3 )


    Go to the following place:
    and choose:
    "Nokia M2M Products"
    "Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal"
    Go to the part "Software Downloads" and download the newest configurator sw.


    M2M develpoper support team

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