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    Text color in Grid on S60 v3.1

    For S60 v3.0 and before, the text color in CAknGrid can be set using the well known FileList example's method:

    // Layout of text
    *iGrid, // Reference to grid
    iGrid->ItemDrawer(), // Pointer to the item drawer
    1, // Column index
    fontText, // Font
    215, // Color (215 = black)
    0, // Left margin
    0, // Right margin - unused
    baseline, // Baseline
    iSizeOfCell.iWidth, // Text width
    CGraphicsContext::ECenter, // Text alignment
    TPoint(0, iSizeOfCell.iHeight/2), // Start position
    iSizeOfCell.iHeight)); // End position

    But on 3.1 emulator and N95, even I change the value 215 to 0 or 21500 or any other value, it seems the text color won't change.

    What I want to do is the use the theme's default text color as the text color in the grid. How can I do so??



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    Re: Text color in Grid on S60 v3.1

    if somebody is still interesting:

    CFormattedCellListBoxData::TColors gridColors = grid->ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SubCellColors(0);
    gridColors.iText = iTextColor;
    gridColors.iHighlightedText = iHTextColor;
    grid->ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SetSubCellColorsL(0, gridColors);
    One can retrieve default theme colors like this:
    AknsUtils::GetCachedColor( AknsUtils::SkinInstance(), iTextColor,
    KAknsIIDQsnTextColors, EAknsCIQsnTextColorsCG6);
    AknsUtils::GetCachedColor( AknsUtils::SkinInstance(), iHTextColor,
    KAknsIIDQsnTextColors, EAknsCIQsnTextColorsCG11);
    see aknsconstants.h, TAknsQsnTextColorsIndex for comments about EAknsCIQsnTextColorsCG## constants.

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    void CMyGrid::SizeChanged()
        CFormattedCellListBoxData::TColors gridColors = ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SubCellColors(0);
        gridColors.iText = TRgb(0xff,0x00,0x00); // unselected grid cell's text
        gridColors.iHighlightedText = TRgb(0x00,0x00,0xff); // selected grid cell's text
        ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SetSubCellColorsL(0, gridColors); 
        ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SetSubCellColorsL(1, gridColors);
        ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SetSubCellColorsL(3, gridColors);
    Here's what I did, draws red on the unselected cell texts, and blue on the one selected text.

    Thanks VERY MUCH for pointing me in the right direction though!!@!11

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