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    How can I sale application on softwaremarket.nokia.com?

    what's the step?Who can tell me ?

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    Re: How can I sale application on softwaremarket.nokia.com?

    Step 1: Make sure your app is Symbian Signed or Java Verified.

    Step 2: Go to http://www.softwaremarket.nokia.com/...per_logon.html and observe the instructions that say: "Nokia Software Market is a business-to-consumer marketplace that connects you and your products directly to Nokia phone users around the globe. For details on offering your product through Nokia Software Market, please visit Forum Nokia's Software Market page."

    Discovering the above took me 20 seconds or so after going to http://softwaremarket.nokia.com (look around, hit the "About Software Market" link and then the "Developers" link. Did you even try to look around on the site yourself before asking here?

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