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    Signing Problem : Certificate chaining

    Hi All,

    I am another victim of the midlet sigining circle. My application (accessing PIM API) installs & works fine without signing.

    Now, I have signed it with a CA whose root certificate IS available in my mobile (6111). My certificate is the fourth in the certificate chain. (Meaning that I am at the fourth level from the root certificate that is installed in the mobile).

    After signing trying to install the signed file on 6111 gives "Invalid application" error and removing the signing part from JAD cures this.

    My JAD looks something like this:
    MIDlet-Certificate-1-1: MIIDzD..
    MIDlet-Certificate-1-2: MIIEOj...
    MIDlet-Certificate-1-3: MIIEW...
    MIDlet-Certificate-1-4: MIICW...
    MIDlet-Jar-RSA-SHA1: YdU4x+2....

    Trying to install it on E61 gives "Certificate error", while it also has the root certificate.

    Seems to be a certificate chaining issue. ANY URGENT HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.


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    Please provide the full entries, do not shorten, in a code tag here. Anyway, is this a VeriSign or thawte certificate? Three intermediates look wrong … just give these lines to us as they do not conatin any private information. They are just public keys.

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    Unhappy Signing Problem : Certificate chaining

    Hi ,

    I got a certificate from verisign class 3(I think it is RSA with SHA algorithm) and sign the application then install it on sony-ericsson phones it worked fine and didn't ask any question for pim .

    Now the problem is that when I tried it with nokia phones(model 6681, N70), the midlet signed properly and installed on the phone with no error. After that I have set the permission "always allowed" for read user data, and edit user data.
    But when the application tries to edit or read the PIM data it ask questions everytime.

    So please clarify me on this.
    1)Is the verisign certificates are working for nokia phones???
    2)If yes then what root certificates is required to sign the midlet???
    3)My midlet is signed with RSA-SHA algorithm but on the phone when I checked the verisign class 3, it has used the RSAMD2 algorithm is it going to create a problem while accessing the security apis???

    Please help me

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    Re: Signing Problem : Certificate chaining

    2)consequently, none
    3)i have always been working with rsa-sha and never experienced incompatibility. Therefore, i think it should work.

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