Hi everybody,

I have a strange problem with S60 3rd Edition SDK Emulator - it starts ok, but I am unable to find File Manager application in Tools (however I found a help topic about File Manager, also I found file filemanager.exe in my Epoc32\release\winscw\udeb folder, but it don't appear in the Emulator's Menu). I am also unable to set epoc.ini correctly for use of virtual MMC. I tried already several options, searching in the Internet I found too many people have a problem with MMC. Can someone help me? Here is my epoc.ini file:

configuration epoc_352x416.ini
configuration epoc_416x352.ini
configuration epoc_176x208.ini
configuration epoc_208x176.ini
configuration epoc_240x320.ini
configuration epoc_320x240.ini
PlatSecDiagnostics ON
PlatSecEnforceSysBin ON
PlatSecProcessIsolation ON
PlatSecEnforcement OFF
PlatSecDisabledCaps NONE
LogToFile 0
LogToDebugger 0
_EPOC_DRIVE_D \Symbian\S60\Epoc32\winscw\d
_EPOC_LocDrv_1 e: FAT
MegabytesOfFreeMemory 64