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Thread: MIFCONV fails

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    MIFCONV fails

    I have a project structure:


    I have a workspace set to :


    If I have a simple MMP (that only contains references within the component) then everything builds fine. HOWEVER, if the MMP has an include path to somewhere else in the source tree then "epocmifdef.pl" fails. For example if I have

    USERINCLUDE ../../../another_component/inc

    Then when I import the project the IDE properly sets up a 'linked folder' for 'another_component' (this is very good). However, if I attempt to compile this then epocmifdef.pl fails. The command line looks something like:

    perl -S epocmifdef.pl -p"V:\root\" ....

    I think this is failing because by adding USERINCLUDE paths to the MMP, Carbide has decided that the 'root' of the project is 'v:\root\' rather than 'v:\root\component\S60\group'. Since the MIFDEF contains only '..\gfx\somegraphic.svg' it is looking for the SVG file in v:\root\gfx\somegraphic.svg as opposed to v:\root\component\s60\gfx\somegraphic.svg.

    How can I fix this problem?

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    Re: MIFCONV fails


    You can try following work around:

    In windows where you select the mmp file to be imported check the "Copy source files into workspace" check box. then import should work correctly.

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