Hi, I run a University campus network and would like to be able to use OMA to provision our email and WLAN settings for our Symbian users' devices, e.g. Nokia 9300i, 9500, E61, N series devices etc. We're offering an enterprise WLAN using WPA/WPA2 and supporting (for pragmatic reasons!) MSCHAPv2 over PEAP and EAP-TTLS.

I'd hoped that we might be able to use OMA to squirt the email and WLAN settings out to people, ideally by them pointing their browser at a website which would serve up the necessary XML document. (Is that actually a practical option?) We don't have any control over the vast majority of the devices, as they have been bought directly from mobile operators by the punters.

As I've investigated the OMA options this evening, it seems that there is no way to set anything beyond WEP keys and WPA PSK. If I'm wrong, could someone possibly point me at the relevant documentation? (Our users will be very relieved :-)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!