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    how to carbide work on Windows 8

    I have Windows 8 on my PC
    and decided to install Carbide.ui
    but the problem is that when I open the program no image appears!

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    Re: how to carbide work on Windows 8

    Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 6.0 comes with no guarantee about running on Windows 8. As you can see in the release notes it was released in January last year, while Windows 8 came in late October.
    You may want to experiment with compatibility mode settings (it is part of right-click, Properties on the executable or shortcut), perhaps playing with display mode settings.
    A more drastic approach could be running a virtual machine, with an older Windows version. While there is no offical "XP Mode" for Windows 8, you can find descriptions on the Internet how to use it (its disk image actually).

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