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    Sending java program from phone to phone, on nokia n80

    I have written a small java game which uses bluetooth to communicate between two players.

    It would be nice to be able to copy the game (over bluetooth or irda) from my phone to an other phone. I have tried to send my installed version of the game (or the .jar file) from my nokia n80. But the phone allways says something like "unable to send protected object".

    Is there a way to allow my program to be sent? If not, what purpose does the "send" option in the program manager serve? I never been able to send anything.

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    Re: Sending java program from phone to phone, on nokia n80


    I was able to send any not-DRM protected unsigned 3-party appliations (in app manager terms) including OperaMini, GMaps between n93 and n73 without issue (including installation based on send .jar) all done via app-manager "send>via bluetooth" option,
    it wonders me why it worked becuase .jar is already listed in CCL list [closed content list] (both v.1 and v.2):
    (that is why you cannot send it on your N80 but I wonder why it worked for me though with newer devices),


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