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    Question Updating per-contact image detail

    I'm looking for a way to update the per-contact image "detail" on any current Series 40 handset. That is, I'm trying to write a program that would have the same effect as the user manually changing what picture is associated with a contact in his contact list.

    Two plausible ways would be:
    - A J2ME MIDlet that uses JSR 75 and the PIMItem class to set the picture
    - Using OTA Sync to update the picture

    But, neither of these approaches seem to work on the handsets I've tried.

    So, I'm trying to find out if any Series 40 handset supports either of these approaches, or any other way to update the image detail of a contact.

    (At the risk of being redundant, I'm posting this message in both the connectivity and J2ME sections).


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    Re: Updating per-contact image detail

    hi David,

    welcome at FN boards!

    check docs, it seems that Item.PHOTO attrib is not supported on S40 yet, so it wont work (so that's the reason of failure on your device):
    ContactList in Series 40
    you should get that field as unsupported for PIMList item according to linked doc,
    that feature is supported on S60 devices though,


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