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    Signed Java freeware?

    Is it possible to develop signed Java freeware for MIDP?
    I ask because I've developed a Java camera capture application (for barcode reading) which I'd like to distribute as freeware. But since the application captures images from the camera it seems it has to be signed to avoid making the user give it permission each time. It appears that the only route to signed freeware is through Symbian signed -- which is for .sis files only, not Java. On the other hand Java Verified will result in my code getting signed, but I have to pay hundreds of dollars for a code signing certificate, at least. The idea of paying cash to give code away does not appeal to me.
    Is there another way?

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    Re: Signed Java freeware?

    There is no other way to achieve this than either buying a code signing certificate or going through Java Verified. Unfortunately.

    Hopefully the MIDP3 spec takes this into account


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