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Thread: Connect to 6131

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    Connect to 6131

    I am trying to connect using PC Suite via cable. (I don't have a memory card installed, if that makes a difference.)

    It gets stuck on the screen to ... "Please connect your cable to the computer and your mobile phone to the cable."

    The Next button remains greyed out even after I connect the phone and phone is on.

    I'm using the CA-53 cable.

    What can I try?



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    Re: Connect to 6131

    Hi Bob
    I was in the same situation. Thought the PC suite (came with the phone) did not install properly so un-installed it and installed it again. Same result.

    Then I remembered seeing the PC suite was also bundled on a CD with the 3rd party CA-53 cable. So did the un-install and install the PC suite that came with the cable and HEY PRESTO! it works!

    Don't know why it works but I suspect the version with the cable was tested properly.

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