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    Developing applications and games

    Hi all,
    This is an introduction which i would like to offer to my friend vijay who has started a company and who is very promising in all the fields he participates


    We are Phykon Solutions, a mobile software solutions provider based in
    India with expertise in J2ME and Symbian C++. We can be reached on the
    web at www.phykon.com. We are currently in the process of extending our
    expertise to the web & desktop java domains as well.We
    concentrate on providing high quality mobile applications and games
    exactly as per client requirements. You are welcome for communication
    with us regarding any mutual business opportunities you foresee. You
    mail me at vijay@phykon.com for any further communication with us.

    Vijayakrishnan K.
    Direction - Solutions, Phykon Solutions
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