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    Hi, I'm new hand in symbian programming.
    I succeed in making hellowordbasic run in s60_sdk_v2_0. now I want to copy an example app in s60_3rd_sdk to my v20 device and run, is it possible to do so? I meet with trouble generate dsw file. anything need care?

    I use vc 6 + s60_sdk_v20

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: question

    S60 3rd Edition apps (not even examples) will work on an S60 2nd Edition device directly.

    Take a look at the porting guides that say how to port S60 2nd Edition apps to S60 3rd Edition, and reverse that, if possible, for the example apps, if you want to make them run in some fashion on S60 2nd Edition devices (e.g., all apps on S60 3rd Ed. are .exe files, and not .app DLLs like on previous versions).

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