Hello out there,

I develope connected J2ME applications for a huge bandwith of different manufacturers devices and operators in Germany and Austria. Unfortunatelly the most devices that are delivered by German network operators don't have working "Java Internet" settings. Most devices come with porper "WAP-GPRS" settings but "Java Internet" Settings are missing.

When I go to nokias settings portal http://europe.nokia.com/A4144889 I can push the "Internet" settings OTA to my device. I think that for a typicall enduser It's absolutely not clear that "Internet"-settings are needed to enable connectivity for a Java application. Unfortunately even if I push them still my application does not connect. Very often It's still needed to "activate" the settings that are just received.

Does someone know a good solution to configure "Java Internet" Settings that I can provide to endusers? We set up a very simple solution at http://www.moconso.com/settings It helps endusers to confugre their device if supported manually. But if you have ever done this you know that this is no fun...

So please smart brains of the www give me some ideas what to do to help endusers to get connected Java apps running...