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    Developing C++ on NGage QD

    Greetings! Although I have experience in coding for mobile platforms, I am a noob in terms of Symbian developing.

    I need to write an application that will run on a Symbian powered mobile device. The application will work with the GSM modem via AT commands and will do some HTTP posts.

    What I have: Nokia Ngage QD, MS VS6, .NET 2003, .NET 2005, Carbide.C++, NetBeans. I have installed the SDK for S60 1st edition. Now the problem is that I can't find an appropiate developing tool that will work with my Ngage QD S60 1st edition. My first choice was Carbide.vs (since I have experience in developing under VS) but when installing it I get an error message stating that Visual Studio .NET 2003 is not installed (although it is!). I even tried it on a vmware machine where I installed WINXP, VS.NET 2003, the SDK for 1st Ed... and the same error.

    At this point I don't care what language I use to write my application. However, from Java it is impossible to send AT commands due to the platform limitations and my Ngage won't support the latest developing tools. Besides waiting to acquire a S60 2nd Edition device what other options do I have?

    What tools do you use with your S60 1st edition? Please, just take me step by step with links for download. I have licenceses for most of the developing envoirements and OSes so this will not be a problem and I can setup different vmware machines to test it out... I just need a kick start.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Developing C++ on NGage QD

    I think the S60 1st Edition SDKs only supports Microsoft VS6 or CodeWarrior 2.* (there also was a Borland BuilderX v1.5 version, if my memory serves me right; or the Microsoft version worked with Borland, because they used Microsoft's code generator).

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    Re: Developing C++ on NGage QD

    Yes, but how do I actually use it in VS6?

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