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    About Bookmarks

    Dear sirs,

    I have entered in my 7650 the following bookmak "http://www.ola.gr/portok.mid". When I try to connect directly to the bookmark by choosing "Dowload", I receive the the message "Wap connection timed out". If I connect to wap first from another site (nokia-club for example), then the bookmark "http://www.ola.gr/portok.mid" works normally and I can download the midi file.

    My question is : can a bookmark point directly to a file (jpg, midi, gif etc.), so when I press "Dowload", a wap connection opens and dowloading of the files starts immediatelly?

    Thank you for your time,
    George Hatzellis

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    RE: About Bookmarks


    have you defined the same access point to the bookmark than you are using when connecting to the Club Nokia?

    You should check, that can you use the access point defined on the bookmark settings to connect to the url http://www.ola.gr/portok.mid

    Pete / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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